Private School Jewel Butt Bikini

Most people who join Private School Jewel have told me it’s because of my ass and small tits. Honestly, I didn’t know that small tits had a fan base. Whenever you see guys staring down a girl it’s either because she has big boobs or a nice bum. Heck, I even check out a girls with large breasts hanging out. Everyone loves tits. Mmm… uh, I digress :). So my girlfriend actually picked out this bikini for me saying that it would do wonders for my body. It accentuates my flat tummy (which I slave at the gym to keep), my plump ass and itty bitty titties (as she calls them, she has a C cup, I hate her ;).
Private School Jewel Private School Jewel Jewel Showing Her Tits

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Hot Weather and Hot Pink Panties

Some of my members have asked me where I came up with my alter ego’s name, Private School Jewel. Well, believe it or not, Jewel is actually my middle name. Though it is spelled differently, I don’t want you guys out their googling “jewel” and “nursing schools” then showing up on my door step, hahaha. Now the private school part, of course, is because I’m going to a private nursing school and a sister needs to pay for her education, hence the reason why you have to join my site :). In this set I’m wearing a pair of hot pink panties that fit like a second skin, as you can tell from the slight camel toe in a couple of these teaser shots. There are a couple great camel toe shots in the members area but I can’t give away everything or I’ll never pay this education off :).
Private School Jewel Private School Jewel Private School Jewel Naked

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Summertime! Let’s Get Naked, Nude, Bare Assed!!

YAY!!! Summer is here!! Don’t get me wrong, I like winter and spring is great. Autumn is my favorite, but when summer gets here…. I know it’s time to get NAKED! I love being naked outside. I didn’t really know that until I opened Private School Jewel and my photographer talked me into it. Running butt naked through the woods or getting topless on the beach. Warm weather certainly has it’s perks.
Private School Jewel Naked Private School Jewel Pics Private School Jewel Flashing

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Peach Walls and My Hairless Peach

We were over at my friends house who has these peach walls through out and I thought “hey! that would be witty, peach walls and my shaved peach!”. I had just recently completely shaved down my hairy pussy to this silky smoother bald pussy you see here. Before I opened Private School Jewel I always kept my kitty shaved with a bit of a landing strip but not I like variety since I see it so often when I’m updating my site, hahaha. So sometimes I have this big all natural bush and sometimes she is as bald as Bruce Willis :).
Private School Jewel Pictures Jewel Showing Her Tits Private School Jewel Flashing

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Ruffle Butt and See Through Panties

I knew that making Private School Jewel would be awesome for two reasons. First, it turns me on to share myself with all you guys and girls. Second, it would justify me doing a lot of crazy stuff that I wouldn’t likely have done with out my website. For example, going lesbian, flashing in public, growing a hairy pussy, and the list goes on :). What I didn’t expect were all the gifts! This lingerie was sent by one of the girls who joined my site. I never imagined a girl would join never the less send me lingerie, but here it is. She said she likes the “pinup style” stuff on ladies, so she sent me this sexy number with ruffles that go over the butt and some sheer thong panties. Alyssa, thanks for the clothes and if you ever want to play dress up with me, you have my email! :)
Private School Jewel Naked Private School Jewel Naked Private School Jewel

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Private School Jewel Nude With Strawberries

This is my homage to strawberries. I don’t love strawberries….. I LOVE STRAWBERRIES! Where I live is famous for their strawberries and honestly it was a factor in choosing this college for nursing school. I kid you not, that’s how much I love strawberries. We actually have TWO strawberry festivals a year, hahaha. Anyway, I was trying to think of how I could show my love of strawberries with you guys… and what’s better than this luscious red fruit? This luscious red fruit and Private School Jewel Nude. So please enjoy the pink tender flesh inside a strawberry while you’re looking at my pink tender flesh :)

See thru shirt and pigtails

A member sent me this shirt, along with some other goodies. I think you’re supposed to wear a sport bra under this see thru shirt but what fun would that be? ;) I actually wore this to the gym hoping to get some pics in the basketball court shooting some hoops, but I chickened out. I have to go to that gym all the time, would be weird if someone saw me with my boobies out just sinking them in from the free throw line, HAHAHAH. Thanks for the shirt Devon, as well as the assortment of sexy panties, you’ll see those in the next couple of sets. To everyone else, if you want to see me wearing your goodies in my pictures and videos, head on over to our members area and you can get my address in there!
Jewel Showing Her Tits Private School Jewel Pictures Private School Jewel Pics

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Private School Jewel IN Andi Land

This little hottie is my friend Andi and she has her own site AndiLand. We actually met here online, she saw my site and liked my style…. then I saw her site, and you KNOW I wanted a first class ticket to AndiLand hahaha. I shaved my pussy bald for this set because I didn’t want Andi to get lost in my big hairy pussy that I had in the last set we shot. I wanted to make sure she knew right where to plant that tongue ;). I had no problems finding my way around her tight little body, as you can well see from this teaser. Come check out the Members Area to see how frisky we really get.
Private School Jewel Naked Private School Jewel Naked Private School Jewel Pictures

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Private School Jewel Free Video Preview!

YAY for Aaron! I wanted to thank member and now friend, Aaron for helping me make my first ever members area movie trailer. I know shinola about editing videos and stuff like that but he helped me put this together so you guys can get an idea of what other goodies are in the members area. We have a TON of videos and pictures in the members area. I’m serious, there are hours and hours of video now. I think you could site down and watch videos for days straight, hahaha. Pee and food breaks accounted for of course. And we have thousands and thousands of pictures, like a mountain of them. So go JOIN NOW and make your lovely host, me, Private School Jewel smile both upstairs and downstairs.

Private School Jewel Video
Private School Jewel Video Preview!

Private School Jewel’s Hairy Pussy In The Park

My members have been begging me to go “au natural” … i.e. hairy pussy. Seems kinda retro to me, but I’m no fan of shaving so why not? hahaha. So here we are in the park, it’s cold as hell outside, as you can tell by my turtle neck, but these are the things I am willing to do for my members. Come take a look at what you get in the Private School Jewel members area, I can assure you we do a whole lot more in this park that we probably shouldn’t have :).
Private School Jewel In The Nude Private School Jewes Ass Private School Jewel

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