Private School Jewel and Paris have afternoon encounter

When I started college, and also started Private School Jewel, I never knew that I had a curiosity that I hadn’t explored yet. I soon figured out that I loved the thought of playing around with my friends! My friend Paris moved out of the dorms a few days ago and has been sleeping over at my apartment, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to see if I could get into a lesbian encounter with her :) Evidently Paris thought this was a great idea too when we started making out and feeling each others tight pussies. I definitely wanted to go back on the memory, so there’s plenty of Pictures and Videos from our first time. I posted the video to the members area if you guys want more of the fun!
Private School Jewel Naked    

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Private School Jewel IN Andi Land

This little hottie is my friend Andi and she has her own site AndiLand. We actually met here online, she saw my site and liked my style…. then I saw her site, and you KNOW I wanted a first class ticket to AndiLand hahaha. I shaved my pussy bald for this set because I didn’t want Andi to get lost in my big hairy pussy that I had in the last set we shot. I wanted to make sure she knew right where to plant that tongue ;). I had no problems finding my way around her tight little body, as you can well see from this teaser. Come check out the Members Area to see how frisky we really get.
Private School Jewel Naked Private School Jewel Naked Private School Jewel Pictures

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Lia 19 Has Jewel As A Guest On Her Site!

If you’re not a fan of Lia 19 you may want to put one of those rainbow stickers on your bumper. This girl is hot HOT HOT. Sexy ass, tight little pussy, and those titties… oh man. You could cut glass with those nipples when they’re at full attention. What could be better than Lia19 Nude? Lia 19 AND Private School Jewel Nude!!!! These girls get lesbian in this hot girl girl set of pics. PSJ caresses and kisses ever inch of Lia’s body, and Lia returns the favor. This teaser set just has Lia19 and Private School Jewel Topless, I have a full nude set of pics that I’ll upload later. Just trying to whet your appetite right now :)