Jewel Home from Tanning

Now that it’s the summer time, I love laying out on the beach and showing off my nude body while sun bathing. It seems that you guys love my tan lines ;) I think that orange is just the color to wear to show off you have some color, so I went for the perfect outfit to take some pictures in. Since I needed to make an update for Private School Jewel I dived right into letting my small tits out of my orange top to play with. While later squatting down to finger my pussy in floor, I had to finish myself off later!
Private School Jewel Naked Private School Jewel Outside Private School Jewel

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Private School Jewel and Paris have afternoon encounter

When I started college, and also started Private School Jewel, I never knew that I had a curiosity that I hadn’t explored yet. I soon figured out that I loved the thought of playing around with my friends! My friend Paris moved out of the dorms a few days ago and has been sleeping over at my apartment, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to see if I could get into a lesbian encounter with her :) Evidently Paris thought this was a great idea too when we started making out and feeling each others tight pussies. I definitely wanted to go back on the memory, so there’s plenty of Pictures and Videos from our first time. I posted the video to the members area if you guys want more of the fun!
Private School Jewel Naked    

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Jewel says Blow Me

It’s funny how Private School Jewel comes bursting out of me at the sound of a camera click :). I had the hair dryer out just getting ready for the day and I hear that “click click” of the shutter and I think, “Hmmmmmmmmm, an orgasm does sound good right now”. Who would have thought just blowing my hair would have me end up with my fingers in my pussy? Crazy world…
Jewel Showing Her Tits Private School Jewel Pics Private School Jewel Pics

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A Little Taste of Summer in October

Oi, October has been crummy so far. I haven’t had a chance to get outside and shoot, so I dug up these pics we took in June. Of course, if you hop over to the members area you can relive summer over and over with me. What I like most about this one is that in total I’m wearing 2 pieces of clothes. No panties, no bra, no nothing. Just a skin tight super tight v-neck shirt that shows my nipples through the fabric and some Daisy Dukes… kinda. I’d imagine on a girl with a bubble butt they would be daisy dukes but my butt doesn’t fill them out that way. I’ve not heard any complaints on my ass but Lord knows I’ve been working it to try and make it more round.
Private School Jewel Naked Private School Jewel Private School Jewel Outside

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Private School Jewel Butt Bikini

Most people who join Private School Jewel have told me it’s because of my ass and small tits. Honestly, I didn’t know that small tits had a fan base. Whenever you see guys staring down a girl it’s either because she has big boobs or a nice bum. Heck, I even check out a girls with large breasts hanging out. Everyone loves tits. Mmm… uh, I digress :). So my girlfriend actually picked out this bikini for me saying that it would do wonders for my body. It accentuates my flat tummy (which I slave at the gym to keep), my plump ass and itty bitty titties (as she calls them, she has a C cup, I hate her ;).
Private School Jewel Private School Jewel Jewel Showing Her Tits

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Ruffle Butt and See Through Panties

I knew that making Private School Jewel would be awesome for two reasons. First, it turns me on to share myself with all you guys and girls. Second, it would justify me doing a lot of crazy stuff that I wouldn’t likely have done with out my website. For example, going lesbian, flashing in public, growing a hairy pussy, and the list goes on :). What I didn’t expect were all the gifts! This lingerie was sent by one of the girls who joined my site. I never imagined a girl would join never the less send me lingerie, but here it is. She said she likes the “pinup style” stuff on ladies, so she sent me this sexy number with ruffles that go over the butt and some sheer thong panties. Alyssa, thanks for the clothes and if you ever want to play dress up with me, you have my email! :)
Private School Jewel Naked Private School Jewel Naked Private School Jewel

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Private School Jewel Nude With Strawberries

This is my homage to strawberries. I don’t love strawberries….. I LOVE STRAWBERRIES! Where I live is famous for their strawberries and honestly it was a factor in choosing this college for nursing school. I kid you not, that’s how much I love strawberries. We actually have TWO strawberry festivals a year, hahaha. Anyway, I was trying to think of how I could show my love of strawberries with you guys… and what’s better than this luscious red fruit? This luscious red fruit and Private School Jewel Nude. So please enjoy the pink tender flesh inside a strawberry while you’re looking at my pink tender flesh :)

Private School Jewel Free Video Preview!

YAY for Aaron! I wanted to thank member and now friend, Aaron for helping me make my first ever members area movie trailer. I know shinola about editing videos and stuff like that but he helped me put this together so you guys can get an idea of what other goodies are in the members area. We have a TON of videos and pictures in the members area. I’m serious, there are hours and hours of video now. I think you could site down and watch videos for days straight, hahaha. Pee and food breaks accounted for of course. And we have thousands and thousands of pictures, like a mountain of them. So go JOIN NOW and make your lovely host, me, Private School Jewel smile both upstairs and downstairs.

Private School Jewel Video
Private School Jewel Video Preview!

Private School Jewel Tits and Pussy Video Teaser

Alright I have HAD IT! You have made Private School Jewel AaaaaAAANGRY!!! >:-( !!! I have had so many comments about not showing off my pussy well fine, I’m baring all in this video but I refuse to masturbate or show off any of my lesbian adventures for anyone other than my members (i love you all my huggly cuddly members!). And in this video my pussy is shaved bald, but I do have some hairy pussy videos and pictures as well.

video of private school jewel