Playing Outside with Private School Jewel

One of my favorite things to do is show off my body when I can strip down outside. I’ve been taking dance classes at school, and just had to sneak away for some relief before class let out :) In my tight fitting blue shirt, I knew just the trick to hold me over for a while! While feeling up my perky boobs, it definitely didn’t take long for me to squat and begin to finger my pussy in my panties. Don’t you just love sexy pictures of me outside? There’s so much more waiting for you in the member’s area for you if so!
Private School Jewel In The Nude Private School Jewel Outside Private School Jewel Pics

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Dishes, anyone?

I’ve really tried to be better about cleaning the house up for company, but who has time when there’s so much to do? I was trying to get a few things done in the kitchen when the urge struck to have a little fun. Definitely no harm in that as long as you go right back to what you were doing, right? :p As soon as I started in on scrubbing a few dishes, I splashed myself on accident, and that’s all it took. As I spread myself out on the counter top, it didn’t take me long to run the warm water over my perky tits while in my tight fitting white top. Before long, I just decided to go with it and work my way down to my panties where I just couldn’t stop playing with myself! You’d think getting off in the sink wouldn’t be that fun :) I loved the way this video turned out, so I made sure to post it up in the Private School Jewel member’s area for all you guys!
Private School Jewel Pictures    

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A Private School Jewel Lazy Day

When you’ve been studying all day like I’ve been for this nursing exam, you really just want to kick back and take a break. I’ve really had a lazy day of just being in my bra and panties, so I was definitely in for some relief that I could post to Private School Jewel for you guys! As I laid myself back on the chair, I knew all I wanted to do was finger my nice tight pussy before getting back to reality. While feeling my small, perky tits up in pleasure, I definitely didn’t want to get back to the books!
Private School Jewel Private School Jewel Pics Private School Jewel

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Private School Jewel Falls for a Line

I’m kind of dating a new guy, he’s pretty cool and treats me well. One of his … quirks… cute quirks ;), is his arsenal of cheesy lines. Though I think he means what he says, when he says them, but they are cheesy none the less. They make me laugh, and apparently they make me get naked, hahaha. He just bought this burnt orange papasan, it’s not really a papasan but it’s not a couch either, anyway, I told him it looks pretty good. He said “it would look a whole lot better if you were nude on it”. HAHAHHA, I’m serious, that happened. I don’t have clothes at his place, but I did have a slip on underneath my dress that day so … well, look below, you can see the results.
Private School Jewel Outside Private School Jewel Flashing Jewel Showing Her Tits

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Peach Walls and My Hairless Peach

We were over at my friends house who has these peach walls through out and I thought “hey! that would be witty, peach walls and my shaved peach!”. I had just recently completely shaved down my hairy pussy to this silky smoother bald pussy you see here. Before I opened Private School Jewel I always kept my kitty shaved with a bit of a landing strip but not I like variety since I see it so often when I’m updating my site, hahaha. So sometimes I have this big all natural bush and sometimes she is as bald as Bruce Willis :).
Private School Jewel Pictures Jewel Showing Her Tits Private School Jewel Flashing

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Private School Jewel Nude With Strawberries

This is my homage to strawberries. I don’t love strawberries….. I LOVE STRAWBERRIES! Where I live is famous for their strawberries and honestly it was a factor in choosing this college for nursing school. I kid you not, that’s how much I love strawberries. We actually have TWO strawberry festivals a year, hahaha. Anyway, I was trying to think of how I could show my love of strawberries with you guys… and what’s better than this luscious red fruit? This luscious red fruit and Private School Jewel Nude. So please enjoy the pink tender flesh inside a strawberry while you’re looking at my pink tender flesh :)

Private School Jewel IN Andi Land

This little hottie is my friend Andi and she has her own site AndiLand. We actually met here online, she saw my site and liked my style…. then I saw her site, and you KNOW I wanted a first class ticket to AndiLand hahaha. I shaved my pussy bald for this set because I didn’t want Andi to get lost in my big hairy pussy that I had in the last set we shot. I wanted to make sure she knew right where to plant that tongue ;). I had no problems finding my way around her tight little body, as you can well see from this teaser. Come check out the Members Area to see how frisky we really get.
Private School Jewel Naked Private School Jewel Naked Private School Jewel Pictures

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Private School Jewel Tits and Pussy Video Teaser

Alright I have HAD IT! You have made Private School Jewel AaaaaAAANGRY!!! >:-( !!! I have had so many comments about not showing off my pussy well fine, I’m baring all in this video but I refuse to masturbate or show off any of my lesbian adventures for anyone other than my members (i love you all my huggly cuddly members!). And in this video my pussy is shaved bald, but I do have some hairy pussy videos and pictures as well.

video of private school jewel

Private School Jewel in Gold Star Panties

Jewel with red butt floss panties

Private School Jewel In And Out Of Her Panties

When I opened up Private School Jewel I swore that I would bring back the love of stockings. Now sure, you see a lot of hot milfs in exotic sheer pantyhose but you don’t see too many 18 year old girls wearing them these days. I think a sexy girl in a mini skirt with thigh high stockings is not only arousing but intriguing. Following the sheer hose up from her toes, past her arches, around the heel, up the calf, hugging her thigh until you reach the end of your journey… there in lies the soft supple skin of that holiest of holes… the pussy…. sign me up.

Private School Jewel Lingerie Gallery

Private School Jewel in Sheer Lingerie with a Shaved Pussy

Private School Jewel In and Out Of Black Lingerie

All my life I’ve been hearing: Private School Jewel, you look so innocent!? Okay okay, maybe people don’t call me Private School Jewel in my day to day life but you know what I’m saying. Well this innocent girl has a dark side. Like, for instance, my black see through bra and panties. Sheer thigh high stockings and that little g-string that barely covers my tight tiny asshole. How innocent is that? :)